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Mission Statement


"Partnering with parents in preparing their child for their Educational future and eternal life"


Our Motto


Our motto at Crayons Child Care is "Educating for Life." Today's little lessons will become tomorrow's impact. Our preschool is designed to teach lessons that will have a lasting effect on our students.


Our Philosophy


Our philosopy and goal are to enable each child to develop to their fullest potential in all aspects of learning. While attending Crayons Child Care during their early learning years we will:


1. Allow opportunities to develop PHYSICALLY.

2. Enable the child to obtain the reasoning skills to develop EMOTIONALLY.

3. Encourage the child to engage in SOCIALLY active play.

4. Help each child to develop skills for INTELLECTUAL thinking.

5. Provide instruction from a Biblical perspective, meeting the child's SPIRITUAL needs. Each child is a unique and special gift from God (Psalm 127:3) and we should encourage the development of his or her self esteem and individuality.


Nondiscrimination policy


Crayons Child Care seeks to meet the needs of the community by providing services to all parents without regard to race, ethnic or religious background.