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Curriculum Goals

The Creative Curriculum for Infants, Toddlers and Preschool (Dodge, Colker and Heroman) is used as the core curriculum for all the classes. The curriculum is research and evidence based and includes, but is not limited to, directed activities, free choice/self-initiated learning activities, outdoor physical development, thematic activites, instructional materials, special guests and outings.


The curriculum includes goals in all areas of development:


Social/emotional: to help children achieve a sense of self, take responsibility for themselves and others, behave in a prosocial way by showing empathy and getting along with the other children and adults;


Physical: to help children develop large muscles and fine motor skills through activities indoors and outdoors;


Cognitive: to help children become confident learners by providing the exsperiences and materials to allow them to think, explore, question and solve problem;


Language: to help children listen and speak, and then to make sense of written language and print through the alphabet, writing letters and words.


The curriculum is predictable yet flexible and responsive to the individual needs and interests of the children. The Creative Curriculum Assessment is administered and provides the framework for developing appropriate activities for each child. Character building stories, music, prayer and bible stories are part of our curriculum. Children are able to learn God loves us, the Bible is God's Word and prayer is our time to talk to God.