parent involvement

School-Family Relationship


We believe God has charged parents with the primary responsibility for the training of their child. You have chosen us to partner with you in the eductaion of your child and we count it a priveledge to do so. We take this responsibility seriously and desire the same level of support from you. Your support is essential to the success of our school and vital for your child's self-esteem. Active parent participation is essential. Working with your child's teacher is one of the first steps in helping your child achieve academic success.


As an Early Childhood Program, we will:


  • accept, respect and nurture each child
  • provide a safe environment
  • present a stimulation and developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • strive to build self-esteem and confidence in each child
  • provide an environment free of any form of harassment or discrimination
  • facilitate open communication and cooperation between parents and school regarding a child's academic, social and physical development
  • be available, by prior arrangement, to discuss progress, behavior or any concerns about your child

maintain confidenciality of personal information


As the parent/guardian, we ask that you:


  • support the preschool in its mission, philosophy and policies
  • cooperate with the school in guidance and discipline of your child
  • make the staff aware of any problems or situations that might affect your child's learning or behavior
  • facilitate open and appropriate communication, expressing concerns constructively through appropriate channels
  • make every effort to attend meetings and events, showing your child a desire to participate in his/her education
  • strive to have your child arrive at school on time and attend school regularly
  • notify the preschool if your child will be absent
  • provide prompt payment of tuition and other preschool fees as addressed in the Crayons Child Care contract

abide by the guidelines set forth in the Positive Environment Pledge


Open Door Policy


Crayons Child Care promotes school readiness by providing a quality comprehensive educational program to all children throughout Broward County.


We believe that:

  • Parents are a child's first and most influential teacher. Information about children is crucial in planning meaningful, relevant experiences and activities addressing childrens' strengths, interests and development.
  • Young children are active learners who learn best by exploring their environments and engaging in activities that are concrete and relevant.
  • Partnerships with you and the community empower staff to identify your needs and develop strengths, values and dreams by building confidence and respect.

Safe and healthy children are a shared community responsibilty.


Crayons Child Care offers many supports for the entire family. Take advantage of the many opportunities offerred by Crayons Child Care.


We have an "Open Door" policy. We invite you to drop in between 7-11AM or 2-6:30PM. All we ask is that you do not disturb Infants when they are sleeping.